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Malaysia White Milk Tea is one of Malaysia’s unique and authentic traditional drinks. Malaysia is a multi-racial society, whether Chinese, Malay, Indian or European are fond of this drink. After much effort, the Origin team deployed the combined of both tea and milk flavor, smooth and fragrance Origin White Teh Tarik! Present the complete Nanyang Milk Tea flavor to the majority of customers who love it.

Description: Malaysia White Milk Tea is actually a thick bubble milk tea, origin from the Indians immigrated to Malaysia. The basic ingredient of Malaysia White Milk Tea is only tea powder, condensed milk and water. Typically, Malaysia Milk Tea master mixed the above-mentioned materials, then repeatedly to pour between the two cups and pull high to create foam, hence the name “Teh tarik”, the reason to “pull” the tea is because they believe it helps to perfectly mix the condensed milk into the tea, which bring out the rich Teh Tarik aroma. Indian Teh Tarik has a very unique fragrance, it just tastes better than any common milk tea.

Product: Malaysia Origin White Milk Tea
Ingredients: Creamer glucose syrup, vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, stabilizer (potassium hydrogen phosphate), single, double glycerol esters of fatty acids (stearic acid, lauric acid)], white sugar, red tea powder.

Shelf Life: 24 months
Preparation: 160ml ml of hot water (± 80 ˚ C) Reconstitute to your most desirable concentration.

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/packet
30 packet/carton 

Net Weight 1000 grams
1000g packet/1000g
12 packet/carton

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/box
28 boxes/carton 

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