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White Coffee Malaysia

White Coffee is a native product of Malaysia. Malaysia Origin White Coffee is made of well-chosen Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and premium skim milk, processing in mild low-temperature baking and special process to remove the bitter and sour taste cause by high-temperature grilled, and minimize the caffeine, bitterness and sourness to the lowest without any additives added, outstanding aroma, gentle to stomach and retain the original color and flavor of coffee, the color is more softer than the regular coffee, light golden yellow with pure classical taste. “

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/packet
30 packet/carton

Net Weight 1000 grams
1000g packet/1000g
12 packet/carton

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/box
28 boxes/carton

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