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We are participating the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) on 21/09/2012 ~ 25/09/2012 .
China Asean Expo will be a good opportunity to gauge the potential of the African market for overseas companies, and for their domestic counterparts, the best way to promote themselves. On the sidelines of the exposition, Chinese and ASEAN businesspeople, scholars and government officials will also attend the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit.
Come and Visit us at Booth No : 5110 Scope of Exhibits

The commodity trade ASEAN commodity exhibition Brand exhibits Display of ASEAN countries, leading by the market recognized the well-known brands and products image. Agricultural products foodstuffs Food, beverage, soil and other animal products. Furniture home furnishing Wooden furniture, rattan furniture, and other furniture, furniture and semi-finished parts, home furnishing decoration. Crafts and jewelry Features crafts, jewelry, jade, precious stones, and other gifts.

Daily consumer goods Cleaning supplies, bathing supplies, beauty care products, kitchen supplies, household appliances. Service products Tourism and leisure products, education, financial services, environmental design, business consulting, legal advice. The bulk of raw materials ( image ) Palm oil, rubber, mineral products and other raw materials.

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