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White Latte is the most familiar varieties of coffee in Malaysia, It is made by Origin Team with The Origin coffee beans and special made skimmed milk and other ingredients. It retains gentle seasoning of milk, turned the bitterness of coffee to become smooth, sweet and rich. Its rich fragrance and taste is irresistible even to those who don’t used to drink coffee

Description: Latte is a type of many Italian coffees, the meaning of “latte” in Italian is fresh milk. When used in English, it means coffee and milk, usually direct translated to “caffè latte”. The common ingredients in latte are one third of Italian Espresso with two third of fresh milk. It has more milky taste comparing to Cappuccino. We use Malaysia unique white coffee powder to develop White Latte to make it possess unique rich fragrance.

Product: Malaysia Origin White Latte
Ingredients: Creamer glucose syrup, vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, stabilizer (potassium hydrogen phosphate), single, double glycerol esters of fatty acids (stearic acid, lauric acid)], white sugar, instant coffee

Shelf Life: 24 months
Preparation: 160ml ml of hot water (± 80 ˚ C) Reconstitute to your most desirable concentration.concentration.

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/packet
30 packet/carton

Net Weight 900 grams
900g packet/1000g
12 packet/carton 

Net Weight 300 grams
30 grams x 10 sachets/box
28 boxes/carton 

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