Malaysia Origin Coffee Vending Machines SC-7903E

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Product Name Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

Detailed Description:

Product Details

Type Instant Coffee and Beverage
Certification CE
Housing Material Plastic & Metal
Capacity (Cup) 100
Power (W) 1600
Voltage (V) 220
Model Number SC-7903E
Brand Name Sapoe
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)

The Main Technical Parameters of Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

Model SC-7903E
Power Supply AC220V 50/60HZ 1600W
Available Coin No coin system
Drink Supply 3 different kinds
Capacity of raw material bucket 1600gX3
Cup size Use your own cup of any size
Cup quantity No cup system
Water supply Inner water bucket of 4.3L,and placing purified water tank of 18.9L on the top of machine
Capacity of hot water tank 2.7L
Capacity of normal temperature water tank 1.6L
Color optional
G.W. 16(kg)
Dimension 300(W)x380(D)x630(H)mm
Certificate CE & EK
Origin Guangdong
Optional accessories 1.Connected with water supply of building
2.Bottom water pump
3.Base cabinet


The Characteristic of Auto Coffee Machine

Adjustment of the taste and the water quantity The users can select the different types of coffee or other drink and water discharge by the machine referring to their personal taste.
Adjustment of the temperature of the water There is hot water tank inside so as to adjust the temperature of the water freely. (The rang of the temperature of the water is from 68 to 98)
Environment-friendly raw material bucket with great capability The raw material bucket is made by the environment-friendly and sanitary material. The maximal capability of the raw material bucket may be 2800g, which may reduce the times of addition of raw material and the trouble arising from addition.
Display when no water or cups Where the quantity of the cups or water is lower than the setting level, the machine may alarm automatically to avoid the malfunction.
Confirmation of the sales quantity The sales quantity of each drink can be confirmed so that the management of the sale of each drink shall be more effective.
Design of placing with purified water tank The machine is suitable to the place where need to supply much drink because there a purified water tank in the top of the machine. Such design may avoid the trouble arising from addition of water.
System of air exhaust and moisture proofing The system of air exhaust and moisture proofing inside the machine will keep the air inside the machine dry fresh and clean, and protect the raw material from coagulating.
Function of automatism cleaning Where the pipes inside are clogging up during the use, the automatism cleaning system may resolve the problem.
Function of delivery drink continuously Using advanced international temperature control technology, ensuring that the machine can supply delicious coffee and drink continuously during the rush hour
High rotary speed mix system This system can fully mix raw material and water, make the foam of drink more delicate and taste more pure
Fault self-diagnosis system When there is something wrong with the circuit part of machine, this system can display the fault code on the machine screen and the machine automatically locked. So that  maintenance staff can expel the breakdown and guarantee the machine and personal safety


Applicable Places Office, Teaching Building, Student Dormitory, Reading Room, Library, Internet Café, Cinema, Multiplex Theatre, Chain of Retail Stores, Staff Canteen, Hotel Lobby ,Hotel Rooms, Bank, Hospital, Hotel, Office Building, Snack Bar, Fast food Restaurant, Subway Stations, Bus Stops, Railway Stations, Airports, Brand Shop, Beauty Salon, Department Store, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Automobile Sale and Repair Center, Sale House, Restaurants ,Pedestrian Street, Entertainment, Labor Market, Stock Exchange, etc.

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